I'm fairly familiar with wep and wpa cracking. I have backtrack 3 and I need help.
Been searching on the internet for weeks.
My Dad has discovered he can put passwords on the modem and encrypt it with wpa-psk,
this is easy and all but.. I'm not sure if the "dictionary attack" will work. Its not a password
he made its an auto-generated password which is a 12 digit alpha-numeric code and ive been
able to have a look at a password once, it goes something like this: 'im3p6u72h8iq432'
it changes each time he encypts and un-encrypts the network. I can only go on the internet
when he decides to un-encrypt it.
It's a pain when your're up at night talking to your friends and he suddenly encrypts its
Please, can anyone help me?