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Thread: lose connection when I run nmap, ettercap

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    Default lose connection when I run nmap, ettercap

    hi everyone, I don't know why I usually lose connection when I run nmap or ettercap and by the way the signal strength is full, I use intel wireless pro 3945
    can you tell me what's the problem please?

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    Are you using wireless assistant to make your connection? If so, stop. Wireless assistant sucks. Learn to use the terminal.
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    Are you really losing your connection? A lot of the time my wireless assistant will say the connection is down but it really isnt. It just keeps popping up and annoying the hell out of me but not actually disconnecting and reconnecting.

    This is much worse in BT3 Final than it was in beta for some reason but yes the best thing to do is just learn to use the terminal. It is a skill that will come in very handy down the road especially if you are connecting to WPA.
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