I'm pretty new to linux, though this isn't my first foray into it. (i did use mandrake for about 2 months back when it was called mandrake). Either way, i didn't use it long enough to learn much. I've been using computers steadily since my apple II+ back in the day, but as i said, not much linux.

Anyway, my wife's laptop recently became inoperable. Windows XP was freezing up at random, and when it wasn't frozen it would studder about 5 times a second (not an exaggeration).

I suspected the hdd controller was going out so i installed backtrack 3 to a USB stick just to play a bit. It ran fine..... I've always been a bit of a tinkerer, so I went through a bunch of the how-to's and whatnot to figure out what i could not on my own. Anyway, now it's saturday night and i think i've got the major stuff figured out.

I set up my usb stick for persistent changes and to also run compiz so it's purdy. Then I installed Seamonkey (always been a fan of it) for web and mail (dont' like firefox). Then i installed flash player........ Then i decided "what the heck" and deleted the windows partitions from the hdd and set it up for backtrack the same way i had the USB stick set up.

I've also got that funky intel wireless chipset that i have to change drivers with modprobe for monitor/managed modes. Made a couple items on my start menu to keep from having to retype it in every time.

Anyway..........now i'm installing Office 2007, should be fun.

Most people by now are probably saying "if you're going through all that you'd be better off with a different linux distro". I disagree, as I said, I'm a tinkerer and i think backtrack is a great way to learn the ins and outs. I've been a backtrack user for less than 24 hours and i've already learned more than i did with 2 months of mandrake.

Just thought I'd say thanks to you guys for all the great how-to's, and the search feature is a godsend.