This seems like a MISC topic so I thought the best place I could think of would be to stick it there.

Iím taking a Linux class this semester to work with Backtrack a little better. I was talking to my professor and we discussed an interesting idea. I was thinking...what if I could use my HP Ipaq Hx4700 PDA for backtrack? I was thinking of to myself that every day I seem to me doing "ls" on a Windows Box more and more...

Now I know there have been some efforts made in the past to run Backtrack on a mobile device but I have not kept really up to date with those topics. I did however find this guide: I think im going to bring it to class on Monday to have my professor look over. It seems like a lot of people have been able to get Familiar Linux running on the Hx4700 with BT and Wi-Fi working fine. There are also 2 GUIs available, GPE and Opie.

I know flashing the ROM could brick the device, the PDA is somewhat old, I just use it for internet but if something does happen I bet I could reload the WM3 image I have that came with the HP WM5 upgrade that I bought that failed that I had to revert back to.

My question is this, Iíve never flashed anything with Linux this a "smart" idea? Is it worth it? How hard is it to get normal Linux apps to run on it?

My Main concern is that if I use it for Pen Testing...does the Chipset/Wi-Fi support Promiscuous mode or injection. For what iv read, Iv googled HARD on this and cant find a answer to yes or no. Can you still pen test well without it?