Hello, I just wanted to say that so far... BT3 Looks like the Software I am going to use for Testing my wired and wireless network.

My Laptop Currently has a dual boot "Vista & Mandriva 2009 PWP" setup, Im going to attempt to rezise the partitions to add in a 3rd option for BT3.

My laptop is a Sony VGN-FE870E, and has an onboard Intel 3945 abg and intel ethernet Adapter. Iv also added in a Dlink DWA-643 Express card. All of wich I have been able to use with the live CD. This in its self has proven BT3 to me, as even with Mandriva getting these to work for "Testing" was proving to be a hassle.

Im going to also try to build myself a WRT54G Machine that will run BT3... TRY being the operative word. lol

Forgive my spelling.