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    I was wondering if anyone as figure a way to capture a handshake without any clients....

    Even dough their are still some who use WEP encryption,many are changing to WPA and now a Days with WPA2 life become harder for those you like to expand their knowledge and develop software....

    I have search and search... But WPA / WPA2 with out clients no way...
    Have add may ppl foward me this stupid like to this video on Yutout some idiot about some idiot claiming that all you need is ...

    1 - Arodump-ng ****** Wifi0 ( to record information )

    2 - Aireplay-ng 0 -5 -a ( Bssid Router ) -h ( Fake Mac Address ) wifi0

    3- Aircrack-ng ( ***** ) Handshake

    Boom we have the key...

    Uhm Hell no, I you pay to see this happen... Plus thats the day I change from WPA to ( Switching Off @ the main's when I'm done hahaha )

    So before I go blabaring on about useless stuff -- Could someone set this topic to REST allready...

    Yes or No ?

    1 Vote (Me) = No

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    The answer is a definitive no.
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    by the way any good dictionary i can download to bruteforce passwords?

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    if you look into the way wpa works you will see that cracking without the client is impossible.

    The only possible way to access a wpa network with no client is to guess/bruteforce the password client side. However the time delay of connecting/disconnecting makes this very impractical. Max I've been able to do using a simple macro was about 20-30 pws a minute.

    For one of the best dictionary collections on the net do a search for xploitz master password collection.
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