hi all

this is my first post here so please be forbear with me. i am also having only a couple of hours internet a day; and therefore i have to take a long way...

i tested bt3 and it works excellent so far! but right know i got stuck. i tried to connect with my laptop to my ap witch has mac-filtering enabled (my desktop is permit and connected) i know this mac-address of course, i faked my laptops mac address to the one of my desktop but i couldn't connect to my router... when i switch off my desktop it works?!
1) so how can i kick out my desktop from the ap from my laptop (sry for my English its not my native language)?
2) is it somehow possible to, i don't know how to say, "bypass" the mac-filtering by using a trick or something like this. don't take this question to serious
3)in the next step i want to "hack" my router - but i have no clue at all how this might work so i also have no good "vocables" to search so maybe someone can write me a little tutorial how to do this with backtrack or send me a link or give me short overview so that i can search by my own...

greez & thx