Hi all,

So I recently picked up a Data Alliance 300mW USB adapter with the RTL8187L chipset. I have read that the Alpha AWUS036H requires a command of some kind to boost the power to 500mW. Is this also true of the RTL8187L chipset? Is there also a command to show the current power status? I've been using a standard DLink PCMCIA 50mW card until now.

Extremely linux savy, just new to wireless in linux, if that helps for responses.


To add on to this, I can't seem to get wpa_supplicant working with the card either.

*edit* ... And maybe I'm just retarded. Could someone give me, or point me in the direction of, a step by step "set up" for the rtl8187 card to connect to a WPA network? I have a feeling a lot of the things I'm trying are simply because I can't figure out how to get this chipset card going. I've only used the madwifi drivers with an atheros card, and I must be missing something.

I found this: /showthread.php?t=15284&highlight=rtl8187+setup but it's not working for me. I run dhcpcd to get my IP, the driver crashes. Dmesg shows "Linking with "coromac" rate: 54 MBit" over and over, and then "rtl8187: RX process aborted due to explicit shutdown". I thought I had to use wpa_supplicant for WPA?

Looks like I'm not crazy, maybe you just can't use this card to connect to WPA, only monitor: /showthread.php?t=14348

And yet another edit, I figured out iwconfig would do the txpower (duh) but it gives me an "Invalid argument" if I use anything other than 13.