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Thread: detecting MAC cloning, e.g. using RARP

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    Default detecting MAC cloning, e.g. using RARP


    looking at my firewall/AP logs it's obvious that somebody did use my AP (WEP encryption enabled) during my absence ..

    Among different other counter measurements I would like to be able to
    determine if any computer (of my neighbors) are performing MAC cloning.

    Therefore I would like to send RARP(Reverse ARP) requests to my MAC address in order to be able to find out
    if multiple replies are received for a single MAC address.

    The tool RARP seems to be included in BT3, but the kernel does seems to be RARP enabled...

    Are there other approaches to detect MAC cloning?

    Thank's a lot in advance for any constructive feedback!


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    Why in gods name are you only using WEP encryption. Most people can claim ignorance because they don't know any better but I'd be interested in hearing your excuse.

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    Heya, ShadowKill here. I recommend you research utilizing Radio Frequency Fingerprinting within an ABID system, as well as the Bayesian Ramp Change Detector. Without going into great detail, it creates a unique profile of your card's frequency and hardware characteristics based on power-up time, tranmission states, et al and runs constant checks on your profile -vs- "outside" freqs, regardless of MAC. If a MAC with different characteristics than those of your profile attempt to connect, it will label it as a clone and deny access. Pretty interesting information actually.

    Hope that helped a bit. Let me know if you need anything else. And thanks for shopping at Wall-Mart!!!! Sorry, just watched Southpark....

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