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Thread: Newbie BT3 questions for the Eee

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    Default Newbie BT3 questions for the Eee

    Hello, before I start asking questions I'd like something up: I searched for my problems for a couple of days and was overwhelmed by amazingly detailed tutorials. The problem is none are specifically for the Eee PC 1000H, nor are they idiot-friendly. I'm to crack WEP keys using BT3 on a USB, mainly to show off (Even though I have no idea what I'm doing at the time) a bit as well as increasing my e-peen.

    Normally I research a subject fairly well and I like to work things out for myself, I also understand how frustrating it must be answering the same questions over and over, especially from the Newbie Area posted by a newly registered member that has 1 post; asking for help. The other posts/tutorials I've seen all say different things and I don't have a clear answer in my head. The "clearest" answer so far has been which is just a guy saying "Yeah I got it working and I already craked a key" but nothing else. He could be BS'ing though.

    If anyone can answer these or provide me with a very easy to understand link it would be very helpful.

    1. Is the Eee PC capable of cracking WEP keys? I've seen posts that clearly say yes and other posts (Probably outdated) that say you can't.
    2. How do I get the wireless working and are wireless drivers alone enough to crack a WEP key? I've tried searching for the correct drivers and I *think* I installed one correctly but wireless still wasn't working. I even had to search how to install a .tar because I'm so inexperienced. I'm not sure on the model or anything about the wireless card, all I know is the word "Ralink 2790."
    3. If I manage to get wireless working will I need persistent changes? Is it a short enough process to get wireless working that I don't need to set up the changes? I just plan on starting BT3, getting the key, then going back to XP.
    4. So if I have working wireless and all is well can someone provide me with a link to the shortest/easiest way of cracking a simple WEP key in ideal conditions.

    Thanks a lot for your patience and to those of you that lurk around in the Newbie Area.

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    I'm not sure about the bump policy here but it's been a few days, help with any of the questions would be awesome.

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    The eeepc is definately able to, I managed to do it with considerable ease on my eee 900,
    however I dont think that the 1000 has the same wireless card ?

    You are trying to do this running BackTrack from usb right?
    (if not, DL it and create a bootable usb or SD card, its worth it)

    The actual wep crack itsself is easily done if your wireless card can support
    monitor mode.

    There are many tutorials here on the site with plenty of info on it.

    Just checked that eee forum and looks like the card does not support everything..
    perhaps get a hold of a linksys WUSB54GC and use that in stead, then definaltely no problems.

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