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Thread: OPENVAS 3.0 -update

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    Default OPENVAS 3.0 -update

    On December 18th, 2009, the OpenVAS developer team released OpenVAS 3.0.0. The release introduces new features and a new architecture which forms the basis for turning the vulnerability scanner into a vulnerability management solution.

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    Default Re: OPENVAS 3.0 -update

    Done, will be in repo soon after it pass's the testing phase

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    Default Re: OPENVAS 3.0 -update

    And it was Sooooooo much fun to fix it's bugs/quirks and make into an easily up-datable and working set of packages

    When it hits the repo, just run:

    apt-get install openvas-menu
    and the package manager will do the rest.

    Just a quick note on it to avoid future confusion, the server has been renamed in v3 and is now called openvas-scanner.
    The actual GUI/client is still called openvas-client and operates just the same as before.
    There are now a couple of extra parts to it, administrator and manager, but these are really only for the more advanced of users and are of little use to most people, but have been included for completeness and for the few that would have a need for them.
    You will also notice that there are more and new menu entries to make starting and stopping certain parts/services much easier.
    There are a lot more dependencies too, but they do make it a far more well rounded final product.

    All in all there was a lot of work that went into packaging this (not as easy as it is to just install on your own system) but I'm really happy with the end result and all that work was worth the effort, I hope you all will think so too.

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    Default Re: OPENVAS 3.0 -update

    Kudos to the development team, your hard work is very much appreciated!
    I got 99 problems but the bits ain't one...

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    Default Re: OPENVAS 3.0 -update

    Quote Originally Posted by skidmarq View Post
    Kudos to the development team, your hard work is very much appreciated!
    Ditto to this no matter what anyone says!

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