Hmm, interesting links. Ive been wanting to try and build a jammer for a while now but have been too busy.

Im working on updating the script to launch the transparent version of KMS as we speak. Ive gotten it to work from a fresh boot off bt3 live, however I have run into a few problems.

Basically I have gotten the script to setup everything correctly so that at0 is put up and configured. Dhcp starts as long as you have the proper file in /etc/dhcpd.conf, and the route/iptables seem to be setup correctly too.

What is odd is that there is a huge performance difference client side. If I setup everything manually everything runs very smoothly, pages load quickly and there are few lost packets or disconnects.

If I use the script, clientside performance becomes horrible. I can ping outside ips but about half timeout and the other take 1-2 seconds compared to 75-150ms for the manual configure. DNS requests are also affected, one in 5 makes it out to the net and pages only load text or timeout before images load.

Wireshark is showing massive packet loss between my two interfaces, it is also showing frequent disconnects and spamming dozens of arp requests at frequent intervals.

The perplexing thing is that when I check my configuration outputs they all seem to match up, the route seems to be added correctly, iptables match my manual config, ip forwarding must be on or it wouldnt get through at all. So ive got a bunch of debugging to do I guess till I can find out whats causing this slowdown.

The other thing that isnt working quite right is my cleanup function. routes and tables are added correctly but when I shut down the program they aren't being deleted which means that if you want to stop and restart the script you need to reboot.

Sorry for my noobishness on this, im sort of learning as I go since i've never had any sort of formal training in programming. Ahh well, hope yu guys are still making progress!