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Thread: acer aspire boot usb problem

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    Default acer aspire boot usb problem

    hi, i have used backtrack in the past, but im not good on linux, well i ran into a problem loading backtrack from my usb drive, the problem is that i cant get past the starting pcmcia support (or something like that) any help would be greatly appreciated, oh and my laptop is an acer aspire 5100, dual core amd, ati video car x1100, atheros wifi chip


    after waiting a while, it displays looking for data directory and halts, unless i press and hold the enter button and then it wil slowly boot, but the enter button has to be held down

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    hello, i have same problem on my acer aspire 5930g when i boot from usb..

    what you have to do is when it sort of locks up for you ( looking for data directory ) ... just open the cd rom.. and it will continue booting from the usb.. i have no idea why this is happening.

    hope this helps

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