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Thread: anyone encounter this before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost40 View Post
    At home, I have Hughes Net, a sat "high speed" internet provider. I was downloading SP3 one evening when I first had the service, then in the morning, I decided to check email, I got a web page, telling me my service was suspended. I wasn't doing anything illegal. So I called, turns out I violated the TOS by trying to download a larger file than 200MB
    Wow, Starband never did that to me. I downloaded Slackware 7 or 8 over it, can't remember now. What did they say when you told them you were just trying to update your OS?
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    HughesNet explicitly states in there ToS that ANY download OVER 200MB a day violates the "fair policy". I was told they didn't look at the traffic, just the size of it. You only have unlimited download sizes between certain hours. And its like 6am to 9am, totally sucks. Which is funny, I have poked around they're network a few times, with no repercussions at all. I update windows, and get a 24 hour lockout.

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