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    Question freewifi link

    hey guys wasnt to sure were to post this, so here goes:

    Im looking for a new (cheap) wireless adapter that has long range, supports injecting etc
    because i currently have a broadcrap bcm4312 chipset.

    I was talking to my friend at the gym to day and he said he just bought a new wireless adapter.

    "Yeh its a 1000mw adapter and i get crazy range, for only £20! however, there illegal over here (uk,england)."

    I thought to myself "hmmm.. £20 for a long range 1000mw adapter off ebay which is illegal over here. maybe its a scam?".

    He sent me this link:
    newest 1000mW USB Wireless G LAN Wifi + 5DB Antenna on eBay (end time 20-Feb-10 21:06:56 GMT)

    And said thats the one its called "freewifilink"

    so have any of you guys heard of it or tryed it? and more importantly is it compatible with backtrack 4.

    p.s. i searched around in google but got no output

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    Default Re: freewifi link

    Smells like spam to me.
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    Default Re: freewifi link

    I will tell you this. I would not buy from this entity and here is why. One they have gmail address something like iamcool666 AT gmail which is so professional.
    I mean here's an idea lets make an online business and sell wifi adapters using some wannabe satanic email address. Two they tell you to send the payment not through ebay but rather with paypal to the above mentioned address. Not a good sign. 3 Only 17 page views on that page, mine being one and at least 10 being that of the person that made it, at least one from an ebay official and at least one from you. Not a good sign. The 3rd and final will not be the fact that they are located in China. That in itself is not always bad, but that they do have quite a few bad "feedback"' statements on their little page.

    I do think it is pretty funny how on the product package photo they claim their product is compatible with BT4 though.
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    Default Re: freewifi link

    According to the best adapter for cracking wep is: crack wep


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    Default Re: freewifi link

    I personally buy a ton of crap off of ebay and as long as paypal is used and they have an actual return policy stated in the auction than you're safe. The problem is with cheap crap is that they charge just enough for shipping that even if it is crap, you won't think it's worth it to pay to ship it back to them.

    Also their feedback looks good as well so that's a positive sign.

    As far as working with backtrack it's probably not likely. To be safe just go with an alfa adapter like everyone else

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