Hi folks...
Just bought a new computer...removed vista and installed xp but the drivers was hard to find.
Anyways, in backtrack. What chipset is this card? Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965
Here is a little info on it.. intel.com/network/connectivity/products/wireless/wireless_n/overview.htm
is it Atheroes?

And i have some expresscard slot in this new hp laptop...So i guess this build in card dont support wep cracking and i have to buy some ExpressCard to PCMCIA adapter or something...
Or maybe some card like this. komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=340630

any suggestions? It need to be a good card that supports injection and all in wepcracking. Because the one i got now dont do the job right?


p.s Or maybe im stupid and it supports packet injection and all for speeding up wep cracking...i didnt manage anyways...and i got an message from aireplay-ng that the card might not support it..and so on...thanks.

Or maybe some of these cards work good and you can recommend some of them?
1. data-alliance.net/servlet/the-127/Ubiquiti-SRX-300mW-802.11G/Detail
2. prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=212418 <----------Guess thats the card i should buy. D-Link DWA-643, ExpressCard, Atheros...supported in compatibility_drivers [Aircrack-ng]
, so i guess it does packet injection also and all...Dont know if it is supposrted by backtrack 3, but i guess so?

maybe those two supports everything with aircrack and wep cracking? hehe, thanks again. allot of questions..