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Thread: BT3 Min requierments

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    Default BT3 Min requierments

    What ate the mimimum system requierments to boot from the live cd?

    What are they for a HD install?


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    Not sure of the minimum, but I can run it off the oldest laptop I have. Im running off the HD install on a 1.8ghz Celeron M, 512MB RAM. This is fine for cracking WEPs or capturing handshakes but I wouldnt try to brute force anything on it. It is also very easy to crash it if you run too many GUIs

    My advice would be to HD install it on a slower computer and stick to command line. If you have the horsepwoer then go ahead with the USB boot. Using a live CD for anything other than installation/emergencies is about as frustrating as trying to teach a paraplegic to ride a unicycle.
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    ...all professional PenTesters always shop for the cheapest possible piece of junk they can find to actually do their jobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    ...all professional pentesters always shop for the cheapest possible piece of junk they can find to actually do their jobs.
    yep defnately and what with bt being so expensive how could we afford even if we wanted to
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