Hello to all, I have searched and searched the forum for an answer to my problem without any luck so I feel forced to make my 1st post. I did a dualboot install on my Dell laptop, for the longest time everything worked without any problems 'til I started playing around with MDK3 last night.... I tried the flood attack (deauthorization/deassociation) on my access point which by the way worked like a charm then the problem came up. I logged off of BT3 and now I can't login. When I start BT3 it comes to the login screen and it says "(none)login: " to which I enter "root" and password "toor" it tells me incorrect login....I have used BT3 countless times without any problems.... What happened? anyone else had this problem? Please help as I would like to fix it rather than do a wipe and reinstall. Any and all help is greatly appreciated... Thanks.