Hello, please bear with me as I am new to linux.
I just got an old IBM Thinkpad r31. I plan to do a full harddrive install but wanted to just boot with the live cd first. I know the cd is good as it boots fine in other systems. I poped it in and it began to boot It boots very fast and all looks good. I have tried all three boot options.... like graphics mode KDS the (VESA) option and the other one that I cant remember. They all get to where the splash screen should come up and i either just have a blank screen or sometimes weird lines. sometimes I can see the "X" curser and in other modes I can see the arrow curser the arrow one even lets me move it around. But the screen is blank. I then poped in one of my old Auditor live cd's and it booted most of the way but said insuficient memory for KDE. Is that my backtrack 3 issue too? I have 128MB of mem.. I share 8MB with the graphics card I beleive. is that enough. If not can I first boot to a terminal and prep the harddrive for and install then install BT3 and allow it to use the swap partition to get around this? Otherwise I need to hunt for more memory for my old junk and I dont wanna put money in to it.