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hey men,

I like all these pentesting stuff and I like playing around with all these tools. I get used a little to unix because of backtrack and I would say that it is just a kind of small hobby for me. but unfortunatelly i havn't much time to get a really deep knowledge about everything. One of the men's problem is my disadvantage too. Outling this my girlfriend complains when i spend too much time infront of the pc.
Nevertheless I played around with ethercap and wireshark in the past.
So is it possible to sniff the longin password (for one special account) to the server with those tools or what would you provide me?

Let's put this in simpler terms. If you were doing a real penetration test, then you'd probably have this knowledge already and understand what you needed to do.

If you were the real administrator of the network you were attempting this on, you'd also know how to directly connect to someone else's calendar and get the data you want.

But since you're asking the way that you are, you're neither a paid professional penetration tester doing a job, nor are you the network administrator. So therefore, you're probably doing something you shouldn't be doing.

You're basically asking everyone here to be an accomplice to a crime you wish to commit. That crime, exceeding your authority on a given system.