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    Default KDE Login

    Through the help of a very nifty guide here, i managed to install Backtrack 3 To the HD of my awesome eeePC 900A.

    To configure BT a bit, i wanted to make following steps.

    - Change root password --> DONE
    - Autmatic KDE startup --> see below
    - Add another standard user

    I just hated it, that i had to do startx manually. So i appended autoexec=kdm into the lilo.conf file. And it works! But i was utterly astonished that through this step, i dont have to login anymore. It just starts up and i am directly root, without typing my password in anywhere. How is this possible?
    I thought KDE had a login screen or something, but no. I am directly logged in.
    The command "who" says i am root.

    Pls help me or point me to a guide to create another user and establish a KDE Login. Thanks in advance.

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    Default k menu start login manager
    k/system/setting/system administration/login manager convenience tab u can uncheck -> enable-auto login
    and that's it!

    for more info read help (interesting stuff found there) ...left side, bottom

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