So Im trying to load a dhcpd.conf file using the command:
"dhcpd -cf /etc/dhcpd.conf at0"

I receive the following error:
"wrote 0 leases to lease file"
"error openeing '/proc/net/if_net6' to list IPv6 interfaces; No such file or directory"
"Can't list interfaces."

I am currently using ISC's DHCP Server 4.0.0 (most recent stable release) at0 is the interface spawned by airbase-ng when I make a fake AP.

I ran into a similar problem where it said it couldn't open the "/var/dhcpd.leases" file and I fixed it by simply creating a file with that name. However when I try to create a file for "/proc/net/if_net6" it says I cannot write to that folder. Even if I use "kdesu konqueror"

Any help with this is much appreciated.