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Thread: Wifi Pcmcia or usb BT2Final compatible?

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    Question Wifi Pcmcia or usb BT2Final compatible?

    I found the Wiki Backtrack to the following cards Wifi pcmcia or usb
    BT2Final compatible with the injection, before spending money
    useless, I would like to confirm if any of you have used any and

    These are:

    - NetGear WPN511 - Range Max or WPN511GE
    - NetGear WPN511
    - 3COM 3CRPAG175B
    - Belkin F5D6020 v3

    Thanks for your cooperation

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    I personally wouldn't trust Netgear unless if I can examine what chipset they have inside by either seeing the fcc id or reading on whatever model number is written on their actual device. Netgear is well known for model number sharing within their product range notably with WG511 and WG111.

    3COM is probably the second worst in my books along with Linksys and Trendnet. It is only a matter of checking which version they have written on the actual device should you find if they are compatible or not.

    I have not tried Belkin myself but their versioning is very weird so I wouldn't mess with them.

    Why don't you simply go buy something like D-Link (madwifi has got a good HCL and D-Link is one of the fine examples in which every version is described which chipset it has)? For USB why not something like Alfa, Hawking or Edimax?

    Apart from that I have WPN511GE but I wouldn't highly recommend Netgear to anyone unless if they have got money to spend and to find a supported one out of Netgear. The one I have is Atheros AR5212 a/b/g.

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