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Thread: Which language should I learn for linux GUI apps?

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    Question Which language should I learn for linux GUI apps?


    I learned c about 7 years ago in college. Never really had use for it in my job. Since then I learned vbscript, python, and WIL. However, all of these languages were used for scripting purposes (sys admin work), none of them were really used for executables.

    Now, I would like to learn how to create gui applications for linux. I have no idea where to begin. If possible, a language like python or ruby is preferred (c is much more tedious imo).

    I'd like to make fairly simple programs to automate tasks (for example: a gui that accepts a list of ip addresses, then sends a ping to each address and reports back which ones responded, and how long they took to respond. This is just an example of what I'd like to do, I realize programs already exist with this functionality).

    Suggestions are appreciated. I'd like to be able to compile the apps to be able to send the executables to my co-workers (all of who use BT). I'd also like to learn so I can contribute to other's projects if possible (probably wont get to this point for some time )


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    I'm pretty sure the spoonwep and spoonwpa apps are java.
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    One possibility would be to use your current python knowledge in conjunction with GTK or wxpython...both of which are more or less widget front ends that allow you to interface into them with python. You can actually interface into GTK with several different scripting languages, like Perl as well.

    Just a thought...

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    My suggestion is that you use C++ in conjunction with cross-platform libraries so that you can compile your program for systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris.

    One of the most popular libraries for cross-platform GUI is "wxWidgets", and it really couldn't be easier to use. I remember when I started using it, I had a GUI program up and running within an hour.

    If you're interested you should do a search for the PDF book "Cross-platform Development in C++".

    But as for what language to use, I never have a use for anything other than C and C++ (...OK I'll be honest I use Visual Basic script behind my Excel spreadsheets sometimes, but I promise that's the only time )

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