Now I have been using Backtrack for quite a while now and learned quite a bit with the help of the tutorials on these forums. Running BT3 from a CD gets quite old, considering CDs get scratched or lost. Dual booting with XP isnt an option, considering I dont have the space on my HD for it. Ive found some guides about installing BT3 to a USB drive, and since there is a lot of free space on my iPod I wanted to see if I could get BT3 installed on it. My main question about this is - If I install BT3 to my iPod as described in this link

h t t p://www#pendrivelinux#com/2008/02/29/usb-backtrack-linux-installation

Take out the spaces in the link, and replace the # with .

Will I be able to use my iPod normally and be able to plug it in via the USB cable provided by Apple and boot into BT3 with persistent changes? All the computers I would be using this with support booting from usb, so that isnt a problem.

Side note -- Forgot to spam 15 random posts before I posted the actual link. I think the mods here would like it more if I went around the filter for URLs instead of spamming.