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ok..guys i got this done installed a runing window xp and.. vmware runing the backtrack.. same time.. but there no way i dont see why i cant.. get my usb wg111t to work. i open wireless assistant it's keep giving me "No usebale wireless devices found" even tho my usb card are on . so.. i saw the other topic showed set up the vmware usb wireless to work on backtrack 3. 1 step i click on vm in vmware 2nd step removeable devices 3rd. netgeear wg111t 4th disconnect from host . or connect from host . it's still saying "no useable wireless devices found" so i open a shell type in airmon-ng in the command line it's interface chipset driver it's show nothing.. under it. i been searching over the forum .. i couldnt found much information about my problem.. so what did i done wrong?? shouldnt it be reconize it automaticly? please helps thanks so much. now am still searching around the forum for my problems..when i firgured out i let you guys know thanks so much.
As far as I remember the wg111t uses a Atheros chipset. If this is the case I am sad to say that the card you have will not be of much use as far as wireless cracking goes.

Atheros based cards use the otherwise great madwifi driver, however this driver does not support USB cards. Your only option is therefore to use ndiswrapper along with the windows driver for the card, which sadly will disable any chance of putting the card into monitor mode or injecting with it.