Hey everyone, once again I find myself coming to the community for help . I have a program that requires the rtl8180 drivers, and my alfa uses the rtl8187. So (and this is the first thing I am unsure of so please correct me if it's the wrong way to go about this) I'm thinking I can install the rtl8180 drivers and switch between the two. Now I'm not sure if this is possible to begin with, but I thought something like rmmod rtl8187 to unload my current drivers and modprobe rtl8180 was the correct way to do this.

So if thats the correct way to do this, then my next step was to get the rtl8180 drivers. I have them downloaded at the moment, but when I go to compile it says :

make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory.  Stop.
So I figured that I needed the kernel. I downloaded the kernel from kernel org because after downloading the one from the wiki page I found out from the readme that that kernel is only for adding packaged to bt and is not the full kernel. Assuming all the above is right once again, my question is how to install correct the kernel source so I can compile and use the rtl8180 drivers as well. The readme for the kernel says :
   To configure and build the kernel use:
   cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.N
   make O=/home/name/build/kernel menuconfig
   make O=/home/name/build/kernel
   sudo make O=/home/name/build/kernel modules_install install
So do I just go into my newly downloaded kernel folder and perform those commands, or is that even right to begin with? I'm just a little hessitant to start installing a kernel on my current bt setup incase it messes things up.

-Thanks all, I know that was a lengthy post, any help is much appreciated