Hi all.

I have been working hard to bring some help back to the forum and to hopefully reduce the repeated questions asked by newbies like myself.

Over the last couple of months on and off i have been creating a downloadable image to restore to a usb key with BT3 and the scripts to make wep and wpa cracking as easy as possible... This also includes saved changes and has been aided by the tutorials and help from baldparrot and pureh@te.

Currently I have tested with the following drivers:-

Intel IPW3945 ABC - Found in Dell D430 laptops
Edimax 3918USG USB Dongle (RT73)

What i need now is some more experienced members to help me test my work and give me any feedback before i release the image and instructions on remote exploit and my blog.

The idea to to help get BT3 newbies get started and then help them learn how it all works by looking through the scripts etc.

Any questions, moans, groans and ideas can be left below and I hope that this can be seen as a positive post to the forum.