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Thread: apt-get behind proxy domain

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    Default apt-get behind proxy domain

    I'm trying to make downloads & updates through the console but without luck..
    I have :

    Domain : assii
    user : s.lorent
    pass : pppp
    host :
    port : 80

    I use this :

    export HTTP_PROXY=http://assii\s.lorentppp@
    export FTP_PROXY=http://assii\s.lorentppp@
    always have error Proxy Authentication Required
    Am I doing the right syntax?
    Tank you

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    Default Re: apt-get behind proxy domain

    You need a double slash between domain and username.

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    Default Re : apt-get behind proxy domain

    sorry thorin,

    It doesn't work,
    I even tried putting slash "\" before dot "."
    export http_proxy=http://assii\\s\.lorent:pppp@
    not working


    I forgot to tell you
    my password is like abcABC123
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