Hi all!

I have a problem getting BT4 to boot from USB Stick. In fact, i have problems booting ANYTHING Linux related from USB stick.
I downloaded the ISO twice, checked the MD5, used several different Live Linux USB Creator softwares, two different USB sticks and tried to boot them both on two different PC's. All i get is a blank screen with a blinking cursor on it.

ISO's were BT4-Final and DSL.
Sticks were a Poken Pulse (basically a normal 2Gb stick, see the new poken pulse - Poken) and an 8Gb Cruiser.
Live2USB software were unetbootin, Linux Live USB Creator and more.
PC's were Dell E6500 and D531, both on the latest BIOS version.

I can create a Windows 7 boot USB stick without any problems. Boots perfectly.

I've asked Mr.Google and i get no real answer.

Anyone here that can help me??