Hi all,

BT3Final installed to the harddrive of an HP G6000 laptop. I have the same "issue" when using either the BT3Final CD or the hard-drive installed version.

Essentially the system does work, but... when booting (ie after I've selected it from the GRUB list) it seems to just sit there. I have resolved the issue by prompting an ACPI event - ie pushing the power button or inserting the power cable. It is very strange - it literally just sits there on a blank screen, then after the ACPI event occurs, it jumps to life and displays to booting system as per normal.

I've tried booting with "noacpi" but it still does it.

It's not really a "problem" as such - just an annoyance.

Any thoughts?

OK, this is really confusing me. I haven't seen a Linux setup do this on me in the 10 years I've been using them... it would seem it's a little more than what I described above.

The system freezes at an early stage unless I provide it with an ACPI event... but, and I didn't notice this before because I had the power cord plugged in at all times - it freezes again at the "fd0 is 1.44mb" stage if the power cord is not in!

I'm posting this as a general question to my LUG as well - if I get any progess from them then I'll post it here for completeness.

Anyone have any thoughts? It's driving me nuts. I imagine it's something stupidly small that I'm overlooking.

I'm guessing that nobody else has had problems like this.

Oh well.