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Thread: Is it possible to use MITM attacks on 802.1x?

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    Default Is it possible to use MITM attacks on 802.1x?

    I've been searching and searching, with very little good answers, the question I'm asking is, is it at all, possible to do a MITM attack on 802.1x?

    All my own attempts when using a radius server have ended the same way, no poisoned client can get to the internet or anything like that, secondly if it's possible, would it be possible to do MITM on a network with 802.1x where the attacker haven't authenticated?
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    I'm the first to admit that my knowledge is pretty small but I think Karma/Karmetasploit should do the trick:

    h t t p:// (delete the spaces in the h t t p)

    Also airbase-ng should be worth looking into. If I'm talking rubbish please feel free to correct me so I can learn. Hope it helps.

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    EDIT: nm, you're talking 802.1x, exactly as you stated...

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