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Thread: No driver for Atheros AR928x available?

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    Default No driver for Atheros AR928x available?

    Hi, i got a new notebook (ASUS M51TA-AP009C) with an
    Atheros AR928x Chipset (Networking).

    I started Backtrack 3 Final Live for checking the compatibility and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a working adapter.

    "iwconfig" just gave out "No wireless extensions"

    I read about Madwifi or ndiswrapper driver, but are they working with Atheros AR928x too?
    And if not, how could i load them manually, while running BT3?


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    i am also in need of a driver... lemme know if u figure it out..

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    Default ath9k needs kernel 2.6.27 or higher

    The driver you need is ath9k, which was added to the 2.6.27 kernel, so as far as I can tell we're out of luck with BT3, but I've heard BT4 will have 2.6.27. HOWEVER: nUbuntu 8.10-alpha is on the new kernel and I've found that fakeauth and arpreplay in aireplay-ng cause a total system crash, so even with the "right" driver there's still some work to be done. Oh, you can get the newest version on ath9k in wireless-testing.

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