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so, startx into flux>logout of flux>login to flux (on purpose this time)>logout of flux> login to startx..
Awesome. I got it working. I have no idea why that works but it does.

For anyone else, you can get all the packages and an install script I made to remove KDE 3.5 and to install KDE 4.1 right here. (Much more tolerable at a speed of ~500kb/s. )

Please note that I have NOT tested the script very thoroughly. It has all the steps I went through to get KDE 4.1 working on my system just not in order but logically it should work. To use it, simply unzip the archive and run ./install.sh and let it do it's thing. If all else fails, it's very easy to install KDE 4.1 manually. There are also a few extra packages in there that I didn't find to be necessary, such as the bash and flux packages and I was experimenting with installing the GCC compiler via slapt-get so those packages are in there also if you want to install them but they are not installed through the script.

By the way, has anyone been able to get Compiz-Fusion working with KDE 4.1?