Hey I used the presetup VMware image.

I am using VMware workstation 7 on an xp sp3. Ive used other linux distros before however for some reason vmware will not bridge any of my connections and nat is a no go. When I start the linux network config it appears to bring up the interfaces then fails.

My goal is to simply have backtrack recognize my computers wireless adapter as a wireless adapter in backtrack. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

vmwares virtual network settings:
Name Type External Host DCHP Subnet
VWnet0 Custom -
" " "
" " "
VMnet 8 NAT NAT Connected Enabled

Whenever I try to change a network to bridged it says "Cannot change network to bridged: There are no unbridged network adapters"

My backdraft is only showing its loopback in the network connections :-(

My goal is just to have backdraft on a wireless connection so i can audit wireless security.