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Thread: airmon-ng issue

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    Default airmon-ng issue

    I am running BT3F on SD card from EEEpc. The airmon-ng script worked fine. Then one day I turn the puter on and I put the card in monitor mode and the whole puter freezes up! I did restart the puter several times before I figured out the weird part.
    Now here is the weird part, iwconfig shows the card in normal mode. So before I can put it in monitor mode I have to "restart" the card by typing
    airmon-ng start ath0 first. (Instead of just typing airmon-ng stop ath0 from the get go)

    then I can put the card in monitor mode by typing
    airmon-ng start wifi0

    what should I do to fix this? any clues? suggestions.....?

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    Does it really matter when you have already solved the problem? or why don't you do it the manual way from's site on howto turn it into monitor mode?

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