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    Ok, this is NOT a multiple thread. My other one, , was asking for a new passwd sniffer.

    This is a new question.

    Why does dsniff not pick up my passwords?
    I'll use ARP poisoning on my AP, run dsniff and log on to hotmail, gmail, THIS site, and many, many more!

    Dsniff won't pick up any of those!

    BUT, I log onto my router (where I would change encryption keys etc) and dsniff finds the user/pass.

    So why not any other site? Encrypted packets of something?


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    I realize this was a while back but what you can do is activate wireshark at the same time your running dsniff/ettercap/whatever.

    Then once you've logged onto myspace/gmail/etc you can hit ctl-f to search the packets in string and search for "password". You should find the username/password in the raw packet data in wireshark.

    Hope that helps, not sure why but ettercap has the same issue and doesnt display passwords for hotmail/myspace and a few others....wireshark gets'em all.

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    if you are trying to sniff passwords just use ettercap -g it does it all for you

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