As my first post here, I wanted to report a bug (is it really a bug ?). My father just bought a new Asus x71sl laptop running Windows Vista (:/), and, for the first time of my life, I got an Atheros wifi chipset (I had some intel before). I decided to boot BT3 to crack my WEP key, but, during boot, an error appears:

Fatal error occured. BT3 data not found.
you are maybe using an unsupported boot device (eg. SCSI or old PCMIA).
Workaround: Copy the directory BT3 from your boot device to an IDE/SATA disk (eg /mnt/hda1/BT3 or c:\BT3) then try to boot again.
So, I tried to copy the BT3 rep to my C:\ and boot again. The message doesn't appear anymore, but the screen stays black and the mouse cursor always go the center, changing from the arrow to a black cross.

Any idea where it could come from ?