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Thread: senao 2511 (prism II) injection not work

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    Default senao 2511 (prism II) injection not work


    first sorry for my poor english.

    i have 2 piece senao 2511 wireless box .
    i eject pcmcia cart from box and insert to my compaq laptop.
    and other senao box i set it AP mode with wep key and close senao box to my laptop.


    id do these steps

    1- boot up with BT3 Live cd with my laptop
    2- when BT3 start up i open prompt and type :
    #rmmod orinoco_cs
    #rmmod orinoco
    #rmmod hermes
    #modprobe hostap_cs
    #ifconfig wlan0 up
    #iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    #airodump-ng -w mycap wlan0
    and i no problem with this steps and my wireless can snif packets .

    now i want to inject packet with aireplay

    i open another prompt window and type
    bt ~ # aireplay-ng -9 wlan0
    12:29:15 Trying broadcast probe requests...
    12:29:17 No Answer...
    12:29:17 Found 1 AP

    12:29:17 Trying directed probe requests...
    12:29:17 00:14:7F:5C:xx:xx - channel: 1 - 'wireless'
    12:29:23 0/30: 0%
    i downgrade my senao to 1.7.4 frimewire too but can't inject data.

    what i worng? please help me step by step what i do.


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    There has been intermittent issues with older cards (such as prism2, airo and hermes) on backtrack 3. Your best bet would be to try and see if you can get it to work on backtrack2

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