I'm using Vista running VMWare 6.5 using Backtrack 3. I'm using both ndiswrapper and r8187 driver (which came with the distro). I find myself having to rmmod r8187 -> modprobe r8187 to get functionality back. For example, during an airodump, after a few moments, the output will just disappear. If i perform a new one, i get nothing (it's just blank fields where there should be an essid and data and everything). If i start the driver again, the functionality comes back and i get the output. I could be doing anything and find i cant connect to an access point until i restart the driver. The issue is the same when im using ndiswrapper, but only notice it when trying to stay on an AP because of course i can't monitor with it.

Is this a known problem that perhaps i've missed? and if so im sorry but could you point me in the right direction?