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Thread: Is BT4 gonna be based on Ubuntu???

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    Default Is BT4 gonna be based on Ubuntu???

    Hey, is this true that BT4 is gonna be based on Ubuntu...

    saw the following info on this link

    (i dont have right to post links before i have 15 posts, so please replace [dot] with a ".")

    " Backtrack 4 Will be on Ubuntu?

    There is a rumor floating around... Backtrack 4 Will be on Ubuntu

    My thoughts:

    Stability will be increased if BT moves to Ubuntu, as well as driver support (i would think) but many will tout this as the ultimate script-kiddie tool now. In my opinion it doesn't matter that much. Some like Chris Gates (hxxp://carnal0wnage[dot]blogspot[dot]com) might be disappointed, having the view of putting together your own distro gives you a skill much needed in infosec. I would think hard installs and something like might have cool applications we can all live with.

    Information from the blog of Emanuele Gentili :


    I talked with Mati Aharoni about new release now in development, and him say to me that has taken the decision to abandon slackware for choose Ubuntu in next BackTrack version (4).

    For those who doesn’t know Backtrack, It is a Linux distribution distributed as a Live CD which resulted from the merger of WHAX and the Auditor Security Collection. It takes advantage of SLAX’s modular design and structure to enable the user to include customizable scripts, additional tools and configurable kernels in personalized distributions. The BackTrack project was created by Mati Aharoni and Max Moser (with updates provided by jayme) and is a collaborative effort involving the community.

    BackTrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes.

    It’s evolved from the merge of the two wide spread distributions - Whax and Auditor Security Collection. By joining forces and replacing these distributions, BackTrack has gained massive popularity and was voted in 2006 as the #1 Security Live Distribution by Security professionals as well as new comers are using BackTrack as their favorite toolset all over the globe.

    BackTrack has a long history and was based on many different linux distributions until it is now based on a Slackware linux distribution and the corresponding live-CD scripts by Tomas M. . Every package, kernel configuration and script is optimized to be used by security penetration testers. Patches and automation have been added, applied or developed to provide a neat and ready-to-go environment.

    After coming into a stable development procedure during the last releases and consolidating feedbacks and addition, the team was focused to support more and newer hardware as well as provide more flexibility and modularity by restructuring the build and maintenance processes. With the current version, most applications are built as individual modules which help to speed up the maintenance releases and fixes.

    Because Metasploit is one of the key tools for most analysts it is tightly integrated into BackTrack and both projects collaborate together to always provide an on-the-edge implementation of Metasploit within the BackTrack CD-Rom images or the upcoming distributed and maintained virtualization images (like VMWare images appliances).

    Being superior while staying easy to use is key to a good security live cd. We took things a step further and aligned BackTrack to penetration testing methodologies and assessment frameworks (ISSAF and OSSTMM). This will help our professional users during their daily reporting nightmares.

    Currently BackTrack consists of more than 300 different up-to-date tools which are logically structured according to the work flow of security professionals. This structure allows even newcomers to find the related tools to a certain task to be accomplished. New technologies and testing techniques are merged into BackTrack as soon as possible to keep it up-to-date.

    No other commercial or freely available analysis platform offers an equivalent level of usability with automatic configuration and focus on penetration testing."

    Sorry tht i posted in Noob Section, but i didnt found any appropriate section to post this...

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    Stability will be increased if BT moves to Ubuntu, as well as driver support (i would think)
    If they make the move to Ubuntu, it is likely to be for some reason other than stability or drivers. The kernel you build controls the drivers available to you. Also, the only time Linux stability changes is dependent on a) what version software you build (and its development state - alpha, beta, or production quality code), b) What you build with (there are some broken GCC builds out there), c) how you optimize the code while building (over optimization can cause its own problems)

    Also while they would change the base, the distro will still be very heavily customized. Currently Slackware is used as the base, and has provided a good base for some time.

    But it would be interesting to see if/why they would change the base distro.

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    Nah! I don't think its true! Seriously I like Slax now that BT has it, so I've actually tried it!

    I have ubuntu installed on my machine, but I'm about to dump it for Slax!!!

    ubuntu, Its alright, but its a little to brown for me! And I just don't like the feel of it as much as Slaxware!

    There's one thing though! How can I have that cool transparent Konsole/Terminal window which backtrack has? I'd like to put that on my fresh Slax install when I do it

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