Hi all, it is a couple of days that i'm stuck with a problem regarding my laptop that uses an intel 3945 wifi.
I switched to the ipwraw module and my injection works for about 5-6 seconds then it stops probing the Ap's that are on the channel i selected. I used the command: "aireplay-ng -9 wifi0" to verify and it states that injection is working after that it starts trying the probe requests to the first ap and it acheives the 3% (1/30) requests on the first one and after that the other ap's on the same channel are at 0%. After it finishes i try again the command and instead of having Injection is working i receive a no answer, all probes are at 0% and suddenly the laptop stucks. After that i have to remove the battery and reboot the pc.
Any ideas?
Thanks to all