Hi all, I wanted to try something out but before I did I though I would ask for some advice. I have Backtrack to dualboot with Vista. What I wanted to do was install VMware in Vista and have Backtrack as a virtual machine. So that I have to option to access it from within Vista, and I was thing of maybe using VirtualBox to access Vista from within Backtrack. I'm not sure if VirtualBox has the option of using a HDD partition as a “virtual drive” but its something I am going to have to look into. Now I have a few concerns in doing this....
1. I have Backtrack with compiz. It is already a little buggy as it is now, I think it might just sh!t it self if I try to run it in VMware.
2. Performance. Vista is resource hungry as it is, how would it handle trying to boot up a os on a different partition on the same HDD. and I know you do that anyway with VMware, im just curious as to if I do it this way how will it handle it as I don’t think this is your everyday configuration?
3. Corruption, do you think there is a chance I could corrupt something in trying to do this?

Just incasae you were wondering... to help clarify what I am trying to do . This is the configeratuion of my HDD
/dev/sda1	NTFS		(VISTA)
/dev/sda2	Linux Swap
/dev/sda3	ext3		(Back|Track3 Final with compiz)