Hey, so I'm fairly new to all this, but here's what's up so far:

And I apologize in advance for any poor description. I'm writing this on my Mac partition because I can't get internet on my Backtrack 3 liveCD. I can't really look at the problem as I'm writing.

MacBook Pro (2008 intel/nvidia8600 version)
was trying to get into WEP cracking with KisMAC and aircrack-ng (airodump and aireplay not supported for OSX), and despite my total ineptitude I managed to actually make some progress. Unfortunately KisMAC still won't do packet injection for AirportExtreme, and I couldn't find much of anything that would (that I understood). I heard that you can run the full aircrack-ng suite on BackTrack 3 though, and that it works fine with the AirportExpress.

So I got my liveCD, and logged on using the KDE option (I think it's the first one on the list when you're booting). I'm booting from CD, not installing, because I already have a windows partition. I can't browse web pages (obviously, and I can't ping anything, and more worryingly, whenever I try to open up the Wifi Manager, it gives me four consecutive "Unable to Autodetect Wireless Interfact" errors. I assume that means that it can't see my aircard. The thing is, when I open the list of PCI devices, it lists what looks like my aircard (Broadcom chipset, wireless something or other, etc.). I don't know where or how to make it be my wireless interface though.

I'm sure it's something stupid stemming fromm my utter n00bness, but I searched the forums and couldn't find anything, and the wiki article here:
(can't post links dues to some restriction so I put spaces between the first two dots)

backtrack . offensive-security . com/index.php/HCL:Laptops#MacBook_Pro_Core_2_Duo_.282008.2C_nVid ia_Geforce_8600M_GT.29

said that it should all work out of the box, so I figured it was time to just ask someone.