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Thread: Intel 4965AGN with kernel

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    Question Intel 4965AGN with kernel


    I could see there are many threads relating to this wifi adaptor and none of them offered a good workaround(at least from what I've read so far and I do apologize if there is).I have a BT3 Final installed on the hard disk and I've also downloaded the latest stable kernel ( question is how to safely update the kernel and also to make sure that the following modules will be incorporated:
    Networking -> Wireless :
    [M] Improved wireless configuration API[*] nl80211 new netlink interface support[*] Wireless extensions
    [M] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)
    [M] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (DEPRECATED)
    [M] IEEE 802.11 WEP encryption (802.1x)
    [M] IEEE 802.11i CCMP support
    [M] IEEE 802.11i TKIP encryption


    Device Drivers -> Network Device Support -> Wireless LAN :
    -M- Intel Wireless Wifi Core[*] IWLWIFI RF kill support (not sure if this one is needed)
    <M> Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN[*] Enable 802.11n HT features in iwl4965 driver[*] Enable LEDS features in iwl4965 driver[*] Enable Spectrum Measurement in iwl4965 driver[*] Enable Sensitivity Calibration in iwl4965 driver[*] Enable full debugging output in iwl4965 driver

    I'm following this tutorial which seems to be promising regarding injection: 355f77e1499
    Any guidance will be appreciated.Thanks.

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    thanks.that will question:after which step can I login to menuconfig for the additional modules listed above as most of them are not active by default?I'm fairly unfamiliar with the kernel configurations.

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