I'm trying to setup a 2GB Cruzer to multi boot the following:

BT3 Final,
WinPE 2.0

And possibly some other variations on the PE/RE side of things.

I'm having great difficulty understanding how the Boot manager works for the USB install. It appears to me to have references to 3 different boot loaders...and I'm not sure I'm config'ing the right one.

I've had a go at tweaking Syslinux, but to no avail. Now that could be because I'm not pointing it to the right part of WinPE, but if anyone has ANY experience with creating a multiboot USB thumb drive with BT3 I'd love to hear your story.

I don't mind installing a seperate boot loader, like Syslinux on it's own, but it would appear I shouldn't need to bother.

Any help you'd be able to give me would be well recieved.

I know it sounds pathetic in this forum, but I've got a little bit of experience with Ubunutu and GRUB, but none with LiLo or Syslinux.

I am, however, quite keen to learn and grow into it