I have used Backtrack 2 live cd in the past with a laptop that I no longer own. I am now trying to use the Backtrack 2 live cd with another machine. I would like to stick with Backtrack 2 since I know the commands already.

The cd is known to work and my bios allows booting from cd-rom.

When I get to the "boot:" prompt, I press enter. My monitor has a message that says "video mode not supported"

After waiting a few minutes, I'll type "root" and "toor" and it sounds like the disc spins up. I'll try to type "startx" and it looks like the disc is loading, but then drops me back to the error message.

What should I enter or change to enable my video mode? The video card is integrated and an unknown make/model and my monitor is an LCD Samsung 152N (both work with my ubuntu and arch installations).