Hello everyone.
A few days ago I got Back Track 3 iso, burnt it to disk slow speed and it worked perfectly.
Got net access in seconds and surfed for a few hours and then shut down the laptop and went to bed.
Next morning, woke up, inserted the cd, up came Back Track 3, but no internet access anymore.
I have a Linksys WPC54G ver.2 card, and changed nothing. One minute it worked, then it stopped working with Back Track 3.
It works fine in XP, perfectly. No problems. But, in Back Track 3 it is no longer recognized.
I ran the program wireless assistant, which told me there were networks, including the wpa network (Mine), 5 WEP networks that are neighbors and 1 unsecured network. But, I cannot log on to ANY of them.
I opened a shell and tried ifconfig but it shows no wireless networks.

Please can anyone help! I am a total novice at this and I can't understand why the card does not work when it once did for a few hours, and still works in Windows XP, but is not recognized when I use the Back Track 3 Live CD.