Hey all,

Been working on trying to get my wireless to enable and connect for the last 3 or so days. I've searched the entire forum to the best of my knowledge and then proceeded to google after that in hopes it may be a linux issue however I'm not all to sure.

My problem is that when I attempt at using the KWLan utility to scan for available wireless it shows none. Before installing BT3 Final to the HDD I was able to use this utility or any of the utilities to use my wlan nic. Upon logging in to bt3 the system detects the two nic and asks if I'd like to configure them using WPA_Supplicant. Knowing that eth0 is my wirecard(SiS chipset)<-this has worked perfectly fine without any problems or config, I hit the cancel button to move on to it detecting my eth1 nic(wireless bcm43xx). I go into config it using broadcom and the error comes up, unable to configure eth1, problem could be due to misconfiguration, etc., this happens when I try to configure with any of the settings in the WPA_Supp. Using any of the other wireless utilities won't even detect known networks. I know the NIC is perfectly fine in sending/receiving packets as I am/have been using it while in WinXP build 2004.

My laptop build is an Acer 3001 WLCi with an AMD 2800+ Sempron, 512MB RAM, SiS onboard chipset, Broadcom Wireless chipset, 60GB HD.

Dual booted XP Pro, BT3Final, two ~30GB partitions, Lilo bootscreen, installed following MUTS video.

Not too fluent in linux however am on an extremely quick learning curve. If anyone could help me in pointing me in the right direction or a few tips this would be wonderful.