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Thread: I need some help on dictionarys

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    Default I need some help on dictionarys

    Hello i am new here and i'm glad to meet u guys.
    I have a SKY Broadband router that uses a 8digit WPA-PSK encryption, the passkey was in a piece of paper that i lost and i'm trying with backtrack 3 to crack my password but with no success on finding an appropriate dictionary.
    The password was a combination of letters characters and numbers provided by SKY telecom and i just want to find a way to generate a table with all the possible combinations on 8-char long ascii.
    Thanks in advance.

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    you could use Password Generator Professional 2007 for windows, or you could use crunch already installed in backtrack!

    This should do what you want!

    /pentest/password/crunch 8 8 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ &> /mnt/hda5/wordlist

    Hope you got shit loads of storage space though, search the forum for crunch and you will see what i mean!

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    Hey silentone,

    make a wired connection and browse to the webinterface of your router.
    Change the WPA Key and you are happy...


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